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  1. 15 Crazy Fitness Contraptions From The Past 100 Years

    People will do just about anything to lose weight and get that "dream" body. For the last hundred years or so, entrepreneurs from around the world have recognized that fact and invented some of the weirdest fitness contraptions imaginable. Creative, wacky, or downright dangerous; these machines are definitely on the crazier side. Enjoy...

    Wonder Cycle Exercisulator

    This device from the 1930's is supposed to simulate the riding of a horse as you press down on the pedals. Wearing the headgear simply gives you extra style points.




    Electric Shock Ab Belt

    There are a number of these on the market. Supposedly the electric shock that makes your ab muscules seize up and contract will give you those hardened abs you're looking for. Sounds pleasant.


    Vibrating Belt circa 1950's

    The vibrating belt started a whole new trend that simply refuses to die even 60 years later. Somehow applying intense vibration to certain parts of your body is supposed to help you shake that fat right off!


    Ab Flyer

    The Ab Flyer is one of dozens of dedicated Ab machines that was released via infomercial in the 90's. These various inventions prove that just about anything can be sold on late night tv. Some similar products include the Ab Roller, Ab Lounge, Ab Circle Pro, Ab Rocket, and more...


    The Treadmill Bike

    Anyone else think this looks dangerous? Getting off a regular treadmill is pretty simple... How do you get off a treadmill that is going 10 mph?



    The iGallop is supposed to help train your core and abs. Sorry iGallop, I think the mechanical bull inventors figured this out a long time ago.


    Aquavee Portable Swim System

    That's right! Now you too can swim in place with this amazing new technology called rope.


    Velcor Velcro Shoe System

    I'm not sure what this is supposed to simulate. Walking through deep mud maybe?


    Ab-Crunching Machine

    A German named Gustav Zander is famous for being one of the first inventors of mechanical exercise equipment. His designs are downright wacky, but have a fun steampunk quality. You can view more of his inventions here.


    The Dumbell Phone

    Absolutely brilliant. Adding extra weight to everyday objects is a great way to stay in shape. What's next? A 10 pound toothbrush?


    Thigh Master

    Probably the most famous of all infomercial exercise products, the Thigh Master started a revolution in 'sold on tv' equipment.


    The Hawaii Chair

    You have to watch the video to understand what this chair is all about. Somehow I'm not sure this would be practical in an office enviroment.



    Vibratory Chair

    Another machine based on intense vibration. This chair was used at the famous Battle Creek facility. This model can also serve as an execution device in 10 states.


    Bouce Back Chair

    Supposedly, bouncing up and down will help to "remove toxins, strengthen the immune system, and help build strong healthy cells".


    The Shake Weight

    I don't know what it is, but there seems to be an obsession with fitness equipment that vibrates or shakes. This "advanced" piece of equipment may possibly give you a good workout, but you may want to consider closing your blinds and curtains so your neighbors don't see.


    So there you have it. All of these contraptions follow one simple rule: the more ridiculous you look, the better workout you will get.

    Author: Justin Smith

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