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  1. 3 Tips To Enjoy Valentine’s Day Without All the Chocolate

    Valentine’s Day brings with it that time of year when we expect (okay, hope) for flowers, cards, diamonds, romantic movies and candles.

    But let’s be real. It’s much more likely that you’ll find yourself being handed a box of gooey, high-sugar chocolates or sitting down to a restaurant dinner (complete with greasy, high-calorie foods and drinks).

    So what can you do to ensure the romantic holiday doesn’t bring you far, far away from your diet and healthy lifestyle? Here are 3 tips to enjoy Valentine’s Day without all the chocolate and high-calorie food.


    1. Buy a New Dress

    There’s no better way to enjoy a holiday than with a makeover. And the best makeovers start with a cute new dress. There’s something about slipping a new, silky garment over your head that just does it. It’s fun to admire yourself as you spin in the mirror, and it gives you something fun to look forward to when you wear it out for the first time. Shopping for a new dress is even more exciting when you know you’ve lost a little weight. Nothing makes for a better confidence booster than when you drop down a dress size or even just notice how much slimmer you look in the mirror. There’s truly no better feeling.

    2. Schedule a Massage

    The benefits of getting a massage span far and wide, and they provide the perfect way to make Valentine’s Day special on your own or with your partner. Massages help you relax, relieve tension and stress and release endorphins, which produce chemical reactions that create feelings of happiness and well-being. Beyond that, massages are great for easing muscle pain and even headaches. What could be better for you (or your partner) than laying on a table in complete comfort and total repose as your back is softly rubbed and all the tension in your muscles are relieved? There’s not a food in the world that can make you feel that good – and if you have a partner there with you, the tranquility you feel together makes for the perfect evening.

    3. Surprise Someone!

    Whether you have that special someone you want to spend Valentine’s Day with or just plan on getting together with some friends or family, surprising a loved one (or even a stranger) with a gift or thoughtful action is a great way to feel good about yourself and boost your day. In fact, one study showed that not only do people typically derive more happiness from experiences (rather than products) and expressing kindness and gratitude to others, but they also feel happier when they spend money on and give to others, rather than themselves. Surprising someone with a gift, experience or even just a simple phone call will give you the truest form of contentment. And on a day that’s all about celebrating romance and love, what better way to experience delirium than giving it to yourself and someone else simultaneously?


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