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  1. Diet Blog Carnival: 25 Ways a Poor Economy Affects Your Health

    Step right up and feast your eyes on the five wonders of the dieting blog world -- it's Diet Blog carnival time here at Diet-to-Go and we've selected the best of the best from the blogs submitted by readers and experts just like you.

    The topics we love are those having to do with dieting, eating healthy and getting fit so be sure to submit your favorite blogs that fit these categories.

    You don't have to be the author to submit a blog. Your pick could be something you read -- something that inspired or educated you. If you've stumbled upon a great blog recently be sure to share it with the world here at the Diet-to-Go Diet Blog Carnival.

    You'll find the submission link at the bottom of today's blog. But now, get ready to be amazed... informed... and educated!

    5) Putting the squeeze on your fruit juice

    Without a doubt, fresh is the way to go!

    When it comes to juice, I will always drink freshly made juice. Store purchased juice is a distance second.

    I do try to make a very conscious effort to continually increase the amount of natural food that I eat. At the same time, I try to reduce the amount of processed food that I eat. I am very good at achieving that goal in the morning. The evenings are sometimes a different story. The reason I try to eat more natural food is pretty simple. It is better for you and it helps you to lose weight...

    Title: Fresh vs. Store-Bought



    4) How journaling helps thwart binge eating

    Are you sick of overeating? Your late night eating? Do you want to jump on the path to recovery from binge eating disorder yet you don't know where to start?

    In my initial recovery stages one technique that really helped me is awareness journaling. Awareness journaling is a a little different from regular journaling.

    Awareness journaling is NOT simply recording your days events or keeping a diary. Awareness journaling is about breaking down your thoughts and emotions in real time...

    Title: Binge Eating Disorder Recovery Tip 35



    3) How seniors can avoid weight weight-loss surgery

    Nobody wants weight loss surgery and for older people it is particularly bad news. It is the last resort and those who have it are often at their wit's end. They have tried everything and it has failed.

    There is, of course, more to it that just failing to lose weight. They may well have been suffering from stress or depression and perhaps other illnesses as well. A person who needs weight loss surgery is often not greedy and idle, they have a real problem.

    But don't forget that fat people started thin and, if they can control their weight gain early, they may well avoid escalating into obesity as they get older. It's worth trying...

    Title: 5 Ways Not to Have Weight Loss Surgery



    2) Recipes & lessons for the "every day" cook

    I write this blog and share my recipes and lessons for the "every day" cook. Whether we have formal training or not, we all have to eat. Several times a day!

    I love the craze surrounding food and cooking -- there's even an entire television network devoted to it! But with food as fashion, the concern has mostly been taste, not nutrition. What's gotten lost is the concept of food as fuel.

    We need it to survive, and if we want our bodies to perform optimally, we have to put the best stuff in. Lean proteins, heart healthy fats, vitamin-rich vegetables and whole grain carbohydrates. The good stuff...

    Title: Food: Fashion or Fuel?



    1) How the poor economy affects your health

    Times of recession have an effect on our health. The recent Great Recession has already created changes to our overall health, according to different experts. The pressures that come with recession, as well as lifestyle changes that it entails, often cause health changes.

    However, it is unclear whether these changes are largely good for our health or bad for our health.

    Some say that the effects are positive, forcing us into better lifestyle decisions. Others insist that the effects are negative, creating a situation of deteriorating health...

    Title: 25 Ways the Great Recession Is Affecting Our Health



    Yes, it's Over...

    There you have it for this week. The show is over and the tent is coming down. But be sure to come back next Friday and every Friday for the best dieting blogs out there.

    Please submit your favorite blogs -- written by you or maybe even ones you've read on your personal journey to wellness.

    The submission link is:

    Author: Justin Smith

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