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  1. Diet-to-Go Mobile App Review: Which Water-Intake Tracker is Best?

    Water, the most important nutrient we're not getting enough of! We hear it over and over again (we even spoke about it here) but it seems something so simple is so often ignored. We at Diet-to-Go decided to see if having a constant, mobile, reminder to drink our water would be effective. We compared two of the most popular apps out there WaterLogged and Water Your Body. This is how they stack-up against each other:


    Cost: Free or the upgrade for $2.99

    Category: Healthcare and Fitness

    Why we liked it: Very simple app that records your water intake by simulating a glass filling with water. You can determine your daily water intake goal and change it at any time. The app has reminders and the upgrade has a chart/map option that shows your drinking history and where you had drinks, which was actually really fun. You can also connect with friends and see what people nearby were logging.

    Favorite Feature: Taking pictures of your own glassware and keeping them on record. So fun!

    Why we didn't: The free version gives you only one reminder. And if you upgraded, you do get unlimited reminders (which was great), but it only put an application badge up on your home screen that counted how many days you didn't have water as opposed to how many days you did meet your water goal. A little thing, but it felt negative and counterintuitive to the positive goal of hydrating. The new upgrade seems to have crash issues, (and the iTunes store said a new version will be released soon), but we did have any crashing problems.

    Upgrade? Unnecessary. The graph and map were cool but this app is simple and the unneeded extras are just that, extra and unneeded.

    Water Your Body

    Cost: Free or the upgrade for $0.99

    Category: Healthcare and Fitness

    Why we liked it: When you started the app, it customizes your recommended water intake based on body weight. It also had a password-lock option that restricted access to your entered weight in case someone was snooping. The graph is a great feature that gives you a grade that can change as you up your water intake. The directions and help were also easy to use and understand.

    Favorite Feature: On your device's home screen it had a reminder up that counted down how many glasses you need for the rest of the day. Very effective visual reminder, and it ticks off as you record; very helpful way to plan how much more you need to drink before bed.

    Why we didn't: If you have a water goal that coincides with your activity level, you will be sad, as this app doesn't let you customize your objective. Also, there are some slight bugs with basic subtraction and we found we had to reset the app several times.

    Upgrade? Yes. The upgraded version is more interactive and allows you to take into consideration your lifestyle, including exercise and altitude and any additional water needed to offset medication, alcohol or caffeine.

    Diet To Go Recommendation:

    The upgraded Water Your Body app. But if you prefer free, go for the Waterlogged free version.

    Author: Lillie Lancaster

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