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  1. Friday Fun Post: Hilarious Diet Search Phrases for January

    I have been laughing a lot in the last couple of hours... Today I had the opportunity to review some of the search phrases people typed in to find the Diet-to-Go website in January. All I can say is WOW! Where do people come up with this stuff??!!

    I couldn't help but write a blog post on the subject. Maybe we will make this a regular monthly feature. Not only is it hilarious to see what some people have typed in, you get a pretty good feel for trends and discover the power of Google. One blog post can bring in hundreds of visitors on a topic you never would have guessed was popular.

    So without further ado here are some of our favorite search phrases for the month of January:

    (By the way, these are actual search phrases people used to find our site. The data comes directly from Google Analytics)

    Funniest Search Phrases:

    1. diet farms in florida that men can go to
    2. celebrities are not good role models
    3. fat santa claus
    4. keep santa fat
    5. emotionally starved
    6. foods rich in strong bones
    7. what order do the holidays go in?
    8. lose weight faster than my friend
    9. foods that feel your body

    Completely Unrelated:

    1. glory days they'll pass you by
    2. emotionally starved
    3. do we go to heaven when we die
    4. snow alert for east coast
    5. computer virus cold
    6. basketball switch pass
    7. senior citizens playing basketball
    8. where can you order fruit if you live in alaska

    Downright Weird:

    1. diets to go to the restroom
    2. who are my people go to the abraham lincoln diet
    3. how to do the tapeworm diet
    4. twinge in kidney area
    5. do men like big women
    6. luck of minerals in you bones
    7. green dots on foods

    Animals on Diets:

    1. how to make pigeons go on diet
    2. my dog needs go on a diet
    3. can dogs go on diets
    4. low fat diet for mouse
    5. diet for diabetic cats

    Diet Related:

    1. how to go on a diet with no one knowing
    2. funny reasons to go off your diet
    3. how to do the fat flush diet
    4. what foods go straight to your butt
    5. is it healthy to go on a apple sauce diet
    6. the seven day happy diet
    7. how to lose weight for carnival
    8. how to diet at the dollar store
    9. are candy canes bad for my diet?
    10. natural diet go you!

    Apparently Carrie Underwood's Diet is Popular:

    1. carrie underwood loves cheese
    2. how does carrie underwood get her protein
    3. what are carrie underwood's favorite foods
    4. carrie underwoods eating routine
    5. carrie underwood of her life
    6. carrie underwood at her farm
    7. menu of what carrie underwood eats

    And the Strangest... Hundreds of Searches about Rosy Cheeks:

    1. facial blood vessels broken from acne squeezing
    2. blood stuck in cheeks
    3. is their a such thing as having red cheeks only in the wine
    4. hot rosy cheeks
    5. do women like men with rosy cheeks
    6. do guys like rosy cheeks?


    People type in some crazy stuff huh? Hope you enjoyed it...

    Author: Justin Smith

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