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  1. How Diet-to-Go Helped Transform 6 Couples' Lives on National Reality TV Show

    There are several TV shows that follow the journey of people as they lose weight and work to get their life back. The stories resonate with us because they showcase real people putting it all out there as they take strides to shed pounds.

    But when you factor in another situation that’s incredibly emotional, a wedding, it takes things to a whole new level. That’s the case with the hit TV show Altar’d on Z Living network. Z Living is a boutique network focused on health and wellness entertainment, with the mission of telling compelling stories that motivate us to lose weight and live healthy.

    The six couples on Altar'd made a commitment to lose weight while apart for 90 days, before starting their lives together and revealing their transformations to each other on the altar.

    For the three months leading up to the wedding, the bride and groom shed pounds by exercising and eating right. And it was Diet-to-Go that provided all the food that the couples ate leading up to the altar reveal.

    The mission? To help the couples shed pounds naturally while learning about proper nutrition and portion control. The transformations were intense, and now that this season has ended, we’re revealing the before-and-after’s of each of the six couples, as well as their touching stories — and real testimonials about their Diet-to-Go meals.

    Meet Alex & Jordan

    Alex & Jordan were both athletes in college, but when the classes ended and the couple graduated, their fitness routines fell by the wayside and their eating habits got worse.

    But 90 days of exercising and eating exclusively Diet-to-Go meals changed all that. Alex dropped 28 pounds*. And Jordan? He shed an impressive 45 pounds* before meeting his beautiful wife at the altar.

    Now that the two are back on-track, neither have any intention of slowing down anytime soon. Alex is 100 percent committed to losing more weight and staying healthy, a journey she shares on her blog I Can, I Will, I DO!

    What did Alex & Jordan think of their Diet-to-Go meals?

    Alex: “How is it a ‘diet’ when it tastes so darn good?! There must be some *magic* hiding inside... Bagels for breakfast? BBQ­ chicken burgers for lunch? How can it be?! And don't get me started on the spaghetti n' meatballs and mac n' cheese!

    All so filling, easily recyclable, portable, packable, and always snack­able. My time on Diet-to-Go balance was quite simply a breeze!

    And now I’ve said bye bye to eating away, and to the 30 extra­ lbs* that used to weigh down my day!!"

    Jordan: “Diet-to-Go was a great and efficient helper to my weight loss*. It was easy to pick up fresh meals twice a week and having their resources near at hand made sticking to the regimen that much more feasible. The foods had a solid variety and I was able to choose things that suited me best on a biweekly basis. Above all else, the best part is that the food tastes good.”


    Alex: lost 28 pounds*. Jordan: lost 45 pounds*.





    Meet Gina & Dylan


    Diet-to-Go Success Story - Dylan and Gina

    Southern California natives, it’s obvious anytime the couple is together just how in love they are. But after three years of dating and a wedding right around the corner, Gina & Dylan didn’t want to start the next chapter of their lives without a jumpstart on the path to healthy living.

    As the first couple featured in the show, Gina & Dylan set the tone for just how challenging such a commitment can be. Apart, they embarked on a weight loss journey that included several ups and downs as both had to overcome their own unique emotional and physical barriers.

    But there was also a pivotal moment for each that showed them that yes, they could do it. For Dylan, it was choosing the wedding catering food and realizing that after several weeks eating healthy with Diet-to-Go, he could easily leave the rich, high-calorie foods on the table. For Gina, it was finding the perfect dress — and having it altered a few sizes smaller.

    By the time the two walked down the aisle, Gina had lost 32 pounds*; Dylan had lost 42*. The two continue to live their lives healthy — now happily together.

    What did Gina & Dylan think of Diet-to-Go meals?

    Diet-to-Go Success Story - Dylan and Gina

    Gina: “I would say that my overall experience with Diet-to-Go has been great. I started on the Balance 1200 plan and continued with it up until about a month ago.

    I really loved the Balance 1200 because it had a little bit of everything. There were carbs but, as the name says, they were BALANCED. As a result, I never really had a craving for anything sweet or breads because the carbs provided were just enough to keep me satiated and my keep the cravings at bay. Also, I liked that there was the option to substitute out meals in case there were ones that I wasn’t particularly fond of (i.e. most of the fish dishes). Some of my favorite meals from the Balance 1200 plan were in week 3 of the cycle. The apple pancakes with turkey sausage, the tamale pie were both some of the best meals in the plan.

    What I loved about Diet-to-Go was that it took all of the hassle and guess work out of my daily routine. One of the biggest obstacles when I’ve tried to lose weight in the past has been meal planning and prep. Diet-to-Go eliminated that problem for me. All I had to do every day was grab a meal out of the fridge, pop it in the microwave and go.”

    Dylan: “Overall, I really enjoyed the program. I thought the food was varied and delicious. I really enjoyed the way that I could customize the menu by choosing the things that I liked and substitute out the things that I didn’t. I really enjoyed my meals and it made the whole weight loss process a lot easier.”

    Gina: lost 32 pounds*. Dylan: lost 42 pounds*.


    Meet Jaclyn & Stephen


    Diet-to-Go Success Story - Jaclyn and Stephen

    For Jaclyn, losing weight* was a way to take control of her life again after packing on the pounds from being pregnant. For Stephen, it was a way to break away from his lifetime as a “hefty” kid.

    The journey for both was particularly rough. Jaclyn was set back four pounds after a night of binging on junk food and cocktails. And Stephen struggled to take control of his CrossFit routine.

    But the couple powered through — Jaclyn made it halfway up a rock climbing wall, and Stephen had an intense workout that showed him, yes he could do it.

    Now the couple is married, Jaclyn 33 pounds lighter*, and Stephen 47 pounds lighter*. They have energy to burn and are continuing to stay on-track.

    What did Jaclyn & Stephen think of their Diet-to-Go meals?

    Jaclyn: “Diet-to-Go took the thinking out of starting my weight loss journey. I was able to focus on the whole picture rather than scrutinizing everything I was putting into my mouth. All of the meals are nutritionally balanced and fall within your calorie and carb requirements making it easy to stay on track. For people who enjoy cooking like me, I would even bake or dry fry my veggies and entree once in awhile so I didn't feel like I was missing out on my love of cooking. Diet-to-Go helped me lose 33 pounds!*

    Stephen: “I used Diet-to-Go to help me trim down before my wedding. Working night shift at a hospital is tough enough without having to think about counting calories and trying to be healthy. Our nights usually consist of eating pizza or fast food. Diet-to-Go made it simple for me to grab a few meals and throw them in the fridge at work to have on hand anytime I needed to avoid temptation. Their Carb 30 plan is great for carnivores like me who love protein. In the end, I was able to lose almost 50 pounds* by the big day with the help of Diet-to-Go.”


    Jaclyn: lost 33 pounds*. Stephen: lost 47 pounds*.

    Diet-to-Go Success Story - Jaclyn and Stephen


    Meet Katie & Tim

    Katie and Tim came into their weight loss journey each with a unique challenge to overcome. Katie hoped choosing a wedding dress a few sizes too small would motivate her to lose weight. Tim has limited movement on the right side of his body due to a head injury sustained 12 years ago.

    But the two were the very definition of determined and persistent — and ultimately Katie ended up losing 22 pounds* (and fitting in her wedding dress), while Tim lost 31*.

    Since then, Katie says they have gained a few pounds back, but recently joined Gold’s Gym with a re-commitment to exercising and have adjusted nutritional things like portion size, too. (They share meals at restaurants, for example, rather than eating their own).

    What did Katie & Tim think of their Diet-to-Go meals?

    Katie: “I'm just coming off of a 3-month stint on Diet-to-Go, and overall it was a great tool to get me started on my weight loss journey. Having each meal prepackaged and portioned correctly immediately curbed my problem with portion control and enabled my stomach to shrink to the size it should be.

    The convenience of having my food ready within minutes freed up so much time that I was able to focus on working out and getting enough sleep, which are crucial to weight loss. I truly believe that I would not have been as successful as I have been if I had the added stress of researching healthful meals, shopping and cooking in the beginning of my new diet and exercise program. Now that I am entrenched in a regular workout routine and my body is used to the correctly sized portions, I can add in the shopping and cooking without being overwhelmed. Thank you, Diet-to-Go!”

    Tim: “Diet-to-Go was absolutely instrumental in my loss of 31 pounds in just 90 days*. The meals were very good overall, and the fact that I was provided with three meals a day completely took the stress out of grocery shopping, dining out and preparing meals. Most of all, it is guilt­-free eating because I knew that every meal was balanced and healthy. I would recommend Diet-to-Go to anybody who is looking to seriously lose weight, while still enjoying eating!”


    Katie: lost 22 pounds*. Tim: lost 31 pounds*.


    Diet to go Success Story - Natifah and Reggie
    Meet Natifah & Reggie

    For Natifah & Reggie, losing weight before they started their life together was about more than just looking good. Both are trying to stave off a history of high blood pressure and diabetes in their families so they can ensure their relationship together is as long and healthy as possible.

    The Altar’d journey for Natifah and Reggie was an especially rocky one. Both at first struggled to stay consistent with exercise, skipping days and not giving it their all. Eventually, they did get into a rhythm and manage to shed weight, Natifah lost 25 pounds*, Reggie lost 24*.

    But for Natifah especially, the more important aspect of the TV show was that she learned a lot about herself, and specifically how important it was that she take care of herself first, before making a commitment to someone else. Natifah, in a shocking turn of events, called off the wedding at the altar.

    The two are still friends, but ultimately decided to go their own ways in their path to weight loss and healthy living.

    What did Natifah & Reggie think of their Diet-to-Go meals?

    Reggie: “I really want to thank, Diet-to-Go for the extremely delicious meals! These past 90 days have been a great experience for me. Diet-to-Go’s food is very flavorful, which made it very easy to stick to my nutrition plan.

    From the bottom of my heart I want to thank Diet-to-Go for making my journey easy, while also keeping me satisfied. The experience was great and I could not have done it without you guys."

    Natifah: “Diet-to-Go tasted really great and the delivery was convenient. Every order came to my door promptly and efficiently. It is super easy to prepare with each meal labeled and already prepackaged. Incorporating Diet-to-Go helped me lose 25 pounds in 3 months*. I'm excited to continue my journey to a healthier lifestyle.”


    Reggie: lost 24 pounds*. 


    Natifah: lost 25 pounds.

    Diet to go Success Story - Natifah


    Meet Shawna & Shad

    Diet to go Success Story - Shawna and Shad

    It’s no fun being the “fat funny guy” all the time. Just ask Shad. It’s also no fun to worry about whether you’ll be healthy enough to have kids — and keep up with them. That was always on the forefront of Shawna’s mind.

    The two embarked on their Altar’d journey and ultimately ended up losing weight and getting on the right path, only to be driven apart. Shawna cancelled the wedding, with the belief that she needed to fulfill herself first before trying to fulfill anyone else.

    Despite the turn of events, both managed to shed an impressive amount of weight during the 90 days. Shawna lost 43 pounds*, and Shad lost 59*.

    (We heard that Shad is still trying to rekindle things with Shawna, so there’s no telling what might happen with the two.)

    What did Shawna & Shad think about their Diet-to-Go meals?

    Shawna: “Diet­-to-­Go was a life changing program for me. With exercise, I lost 43 lbs in 90 days* on the Carb 30 menu option. Diet­-to-Go takes the guess work out of shopping, meal prepping, calorie counting, and cooking. It was basically like having your own personal chef. I opted to pick my meals up fresh twice a week. It was incredibly convenient to have my food prepped fresh and pick it up so close to where I live. There are so many menu options to choose from and you can customize your meals every week according to which ones you like best. I had great success with these meals and am a Diet­-to-Go fan for life."

    Shad: “Diet-to-Go simplifies a healthy diet and lifestyle. I would recommend Diet-to-Go to ANYONE. With Diet-to-Go, it takes ALL the guess work out of dieting. All you have to do is open up your refrigerator and eat. Diet-to-Go takes all the guess work out of calorie counting, just pick a plan that's right for you, order and eat ­ It's literally that simple! With the help of Diet-to-Go and a healthy lifestyle I was able to lose 59 pounds in 90 days*! Results like that are simply priceless. I am forever grateful for Diet-to-Go! It is a tasty way to eat a balanced diet.”


    Shawna: lost 43 pounds*. Shad: lost 59 pounds*.

    Diet to go Success Story - Shawna and Shad

    Learn more about Z Living’s hit TV show Altar’d and watch full episodes here

    *  Weight loss results may vary. Results not guaranteed. 


    Author: Caitlin H
    Diet-to-Go Community Manager

    Caitlin is the Diet-to-Go community manager and an avid runner. She is passionate about engaging with others online and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. She believes moderation is key, and people will have the most weight loss success if they engage in common-sense healthy eating and fitness.


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