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    The Petometer was designed by Purina to encourage dog owners to get their dogs (and themselves) out and exercising. The app allows you to create a pet profile and then tracks your walk as you and your faithful canine companion strut around the neighborhood. You can add six different dog profiles and personalize them with a photo of each pooch. After you finish your activity, the app logs a history for each pet, and you can even share your pup's progress with your (or their) Facebook friends.

    Why we love it:

    It is really fun to log your walks and see how much exercise your dog is getting. The app automatically links to your calendar and you can set alerts to remind you to grab your pooch and get moving. The app shows you a map for your current route, how long you have been out, your distance and your pace. If you and your dog are regular walkers (or you are a professional dog walker) this is a fun app to use.

    Why we don't:

    While we liked the idea, the execution was a little lacking. There are so many ways this app could be improved that it might be worth waiting for a later version to see if it does indeed get better. It would be amazing if you could log time or adjust a dog's walk history; so when you forget to use the app and still went for that walk, you can record it. Also, for those that are trying to control their dog's weight, a specified dog's weight, calories burned or step counter would be nice. It would also beneficial if there were a variety of activities for the dogs and have that logged besides walking or running. For example may dogs spend all day catching Frisbees, swimming the water or romping at the dog park.

    Download it?

    While not the best pet activity app out there (we're still searching), if it helps to encourage you and your dog to get out there and be active, then we at Diet to Go are all for it. Plus it's free so there's not much to lose.

    Author: Lillie Lancaster

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